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Access a wide range of flexible trading solutions, execute across multiple asset classes—including domestic and international equity, fixed-income, new issue, and syndicate offerings—and maximize your investment strategies with transparent pricing1 and industry-leading value.2


Brokerage Solutions

Delivering innovative brokerage solutions through technology, transparency, and innovation to meet the needs of our institutional asset managers, RIAs, hedge funds, and broker-dealers.

Equity & Options

Implement your investment objectives with our best-execution platform that's driven by quantitative process, data, market structure expertise, and a tailored client approach.

Fixed Income

Improve efficiency, get direct market-maker access, and gain a competitive advantage with our fixed-income trading capabilities.

Foreign Exchange

Work with our foreign currency team to get access to leading-edge systems and connect with highly trained professionals, online or by phone.

Prime Services

Our prime brokerage platform allows for the execution of alternative strategies, financing, reporting, and clearing and custody services for sophisticated institutional managers.

Securities Finance

Access a wide range of services, vast inventory, and a dedicated team of experts to meet your securities financing needs.

Fidelity Agency Lending®

Optimize your securities lending goals with Fidelity’s market-leading lending technology.

Products & Services

Equity & Options

Cash Equity

Connect with one of our experienced traders for guidance with block trading services that can efficiently and discreetly help you achieve client objectives.

Electronic Trading

Optimize execution quality with our Systematic Trading and Analytics Platform that applies our deep quantitative research across algorithms, liquidity sourcing, smart order routing, and analytics.

Equity Syndicate

Our dedicated syndicate desk provides access to new issue equity and preferred securities through strategic alliances with multiple underwriters. Additionally, we manage directed share programs of any size through our proprietary online solution.

Leverage our extensive global relationships with numerous local brokers in 25 markets in over 20 currencies3 to trade and settle foreign ordinaries.
Trade single-leg, standard, or with flex options via electronic and high-touch service models.
Portfolio Trading
Our portfolio trading desk provides electronic execution of trade baskets or portfolios with rigorous pre-trade, in-trade, and post-trade management.
Fidelity Service BureauSM

Maximize liquidity reach and optimize performance with our tech-driven trading platform.


Fixed Income


A specialized team focused on high-quality municipal securities in both primary and secondary markets provides access to our unique distribution model.


Choose from an abundant inventory of internal and external providers and get access to one of the largest pools of natural liquidity in a variety of taxable investments.

  • U.S. Treasuries
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Government-Sponsored Enterprises
  • Corporate Bonds
  • High-Yield Bonds
  • Fixed-Rate Capital Securities
  • Structured Products
  • Retail Note Programs
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Preferred Securities
  • UITs
CD Underwriting

Our Brokered Certificate of Deposit (CD) Underwriting program offers flexibility to help maximize asset/liability management and permits gathering of deposits without the burden of marketing and administrative costs.


Foreign Exchange

Fidelity FOREX

Work with our foreign currency team to get access to leading-edge systems, and connect with highly trained professionals online or by phone.

Prime Services

Custody & Clearing

As a leader in global clearing and custody services, benefit from our wide range of services, depth of expertise, personalized offerings, and innovative technology.

Securities Financing

Fidelity Prime Services offers our clients the tools to serve their securities financing needs, including short overage, margin financing, and long lending.

Technology & Reporting

Our customizable and secure advanced technology and reporting solutions empower hedge fund clients to optimize—and maximize—business capabilities.

Value-Added Services
Additional offerings include our Capital Introduction services and PB OptimizeSM, a proprietary platform for transparency into the marketplace and access to an expansive liquidity network.

Securities Finance

Fully Paid Lending

Our fully paid securities lending program offers the opportunity to earn incremental income on portfolios through the securities lending market.

Short Coverage

Take advantage of greater stability and protection from buy-ins to 24/7 access to securities lending in major global markets, plus all the benefits of our institutional lender relationships.

Fidelity Agency Lending®

Third-Party Lending Agent

Use our sophisticated technology and deep trading expertise to help improve returns, provide transparency for better decision-making, and allow for full customization based on a firm’s needs.


Not all products and services are available to all clients.

Our Commitment to Execution Quality

Price and the quality of execution matters. That's why we strive to provide value by securing the best prices for equities, ETFs, and other options—every time you buy or sell. We're focused on continuing to innovate to ensure you have the most effective solutions and support to succeed.



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