Fidelity Service BureauSM

Maximize liquidity reach and optimize performance with our tech-driven trading platform.

Advanced Technology for Efficient Trading to Solve Liquidity Problems

Fidelity Service Bureau (FSB) was established in 2010 as a fintech solution for FMR Co., one of the largest global investment managers. Today, we have more than 35 major institutional clients successfully onboarded. Our equity trading execution platform was built for the buy side as the buy side.

Maximize Buy-Side Reach

Our platform and algorithms help buy-side institutional clients maximize their bi-lateral liquidity reach for best execution; they are connected to a variety of options provided by all major bulge-bracket firms and many North American brokers.

Provides Robust Access

The FSB platform allows clients to design a unique liquidity container with: ATS/Dark Pools, Conditional Venues, Trajectory Cross, Private Rooms, Central Risk Books, Single Dealer Platforms, and SOR/Directed Access.

Customizes to Clients’ Needs

By aggregating brokers and liquidity sources, clients can control and manage access to liquidity and gain transparency into routing choices and liquidity sources to help achieve client-specific trading goals.

Fidelity Service Bureau by the Numbers

Our advanced technology, algorithms, and data-driven information and analytics helps with best trade execution

Over 35
Institutional buy-side clients
Over 65
Unique avenues of liquidity (includes bulge bracket and agency broker-dealers plus external liquidity providers)
$3+ Billion
Daily notional value traded via the platform (average for 2022)
$17+ Trillion
Collective AUM of Service Bureau clients (regulatory AUM, as of March 2022 filings)

Seamless Integration, Easy Navigation, Deep Expertise, and Valuable Consultation

Differentiated Liquidity Access

Our broker-neutral technology solution provides buy- side institutional clients with simultaneous access to liquidity in each brokers’ ATS. It’s easy to navigate, customizable for each client, and seamlessly integrates with a firm’s internal trading infrastructure.

Client Service and Consulting

Collaborate with experienced trade consultants, and get access to our quant desk, a robust analytics platform, and collective intelligence data. All of this helps support trading results analysis to help inform future improvements and efficiencies.

Contact Us

This is for institutional buy-side clients or brokers from a bulge bracket firm or North American agency. This is not for individual investors who hold an account at Fidelity; if you have a question about your individual retail account, please contact a Fidelity representative at 800-972-2155.