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We can help you connect to motivated Fidelity clients and prospects who can purchase and easily access your CDs directly on

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The Fidelity Capital Markets Underwriting Issuance Process

Raising Deposits? Look for a competitive advantage with Fidelity's extensive distribution network.

There are powerful reasons for choosing Fidelity Capital Markets as one of your certificate of deposit (CD) underwriters. Our innovative tools and award-winning platform* can help you connect with motivated retail investors who may be looking for CDs. Fidelity clients and prospective investors can purchase and easily access your CDs on

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Fidelity Capital Markets understands that retail certificates of deposit are an important funding mechanism used by commercial banks and thrifts to access a dependable source of low cost deposits.

Our Brokered Certificate of Deposit (CD) Underwriting program offers flexibility to help maximize asset/liability management and permits gathering of deposits without the burden of marketing and administrative costs.

It's easy to establish a program with no registration or collateral requirements, no maintenance fees, and minimal documentation. And you have the ability to lock in intermediate and long term deposits and to restrict sales in designated geographic areas.

Our goal is to help deliver a competitive product to our investors and deliver potentially attractive funding to our issuers. By engaging us as underwriter, issuers can tap into one of the largest electronic distribution networks available.


  • A distribution model that includes individual retail investors with more than $2 trillion** in more than 20.3** million customer accounts and includes 197¹ investor centers across the U.S.
  • Our goal is to help deliver a competitive product to our investors and deliver potentially attractive funding to our issuers.

Help Drive Investor Demand by Engaging Our Platform and Potentially Maximize Your Reach to Retail Investors.

We are a well capitalized full service broker/dealer and underwriter of brokered certificates of deposit, with the ability to engage Fidelity Investments' extensive national retail presence, a leading online distribution network and our institutional sales force to market new issues. Reap the rewards of our experience. As underwriter our firm offers access to the brand strength and reputation of Fidelity Investments to help you deliver a marketing strategy focused on maximizing retail distribution.

Fidelity Investments has 197 Investor Centers in the United States, which serve more than 20.3** million customer accounts nationwide, with more than $2 trillion in total customer assets.**

Fidelity Institutional offers clearing, custody, investment products, brokerage and trading services to a wide range of financial intermediary firms. More than 13,500 financial advisory firms rely on Fidelity Institutional's innovative technology and deep expertise to help more than 9 million accounts make some of the most complex, important decisions of their lives***.

Under the umbrella of Fidelity Institutional are several distinct business units with more than $2.6 trillion*** in assets under administration (AUA).

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