Fidelity HELMSM

Through Fidelity HELMSM, customers can access FCM's electronic trading suite, including execution tools, analytics, and service.

Fidelity Capital Markets' demonstrated capabilities in sourcing liquidity, responding to market dynamics, and delivering advanced analytics provide a strong foundation for a competitive suite of products. HELM represents Fidelity's premier electronic trading solutions, designed to help clients achieve their execution objectives.

Fidelity HELM


HELM leverages a research program that continually seeks to optimize its execution strategies, and adapt to evolving market structure and clients' trading objectives. This process, along with Fidelity Capital Markets' extensive liquidity reach, allows HELM to deliver a competitive and actively managed execution suite.

  • Trade execution tools, analytics and service in a single package
  • Continual analysis and product improvement
  • Enhanced cost savings for clients — minimizing impact, increasing fill rates, and capturing data
  • Best-in-class execution consulting and idea generation for strategy selection
HELM Process: Our Approach to Active Management

Central to the continual evolution of the HELM product suite are teams of financial engineers and product development specialists working together with Fidelity's execution consultants. These teams use a data-driven approach to analyze client activity while incorporating client feedback to evaluate and improve strategies. The platform seeks to provide increased transparency across the entire execution process and develop actionable steps to improve performance. Client needs are continually assessed in light of changing market structure, evolving order characteristics, and urgency of execution.

Clients can work with their execution consultants to assist them with high level guidance for trade strategy and product selection.

HELM Underlying Products

Fidelity Dynamic Liquidity ManagerSM (FDLM)®

Intelligent order router that incorporates both dark liquidity and displayed markets to fill an order. Will capture maximum liquidity up to your limit and will display size for away limit orders.

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Works the order in both dark and lit venues to capture spread while opportunistically hitting bids and lifting offers in response to market conditions. The goal is to maximize liquidity while being sensitive to market impact.

Percent of Volume

Participates at a rate specified by the trader.

Time Weighted Average Price

Evenly slices order to trade over the trading period.


Aggregates nonquoted liquidity into a single point of entry for maximum liquidity reach and minimal market impact. Relies on hidden liquidity and imposes logic to maximize price improvement.

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Volume Weighted Average Price

Attempts to minimize the deviation from VWAP benchmark for the selected interval by slicing the order into smaller tranches according to predicted, symbol-specific volume patterns.

Implementation Shortfall

Balances the market impact against opportunity cost of extending the order.

Market on Close

Will attempt to approximate the closing price while not adversely impacting the auction by ramping your order into the close, using the same volume-prediction model as in our VWAP algorithm.

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