Stock Buyback Program

Fidelity Capital Markets takes a customized approach when analyzing your stock repurchase to help meet the objectives of your buyback program. Our proprietary tools examine the volatility and volume profiles of your company stock to determine the optimal trading strategy.


  • Proprietary analytical tools to assist in estimating impact of various repurchase strategies
  • Detailed analysis and reporting

The Fidelity Advantage

Today, more than ever, our clients are looking to providers they can trust. As a privately held company and one of the world's largest providers of financial services, Fidelity has a strong reputation as an enduring financial services leader.


We focus our resources and efforts toward helping our clients access the necessary liquidity to help improve the performance of their buyback program.

Flexible Approach

Our financial engineering group has developed a suite of proprietary analytical tools to assist our repurchase clients in estimating the impact and costs of various repurchase strategies.

Operational Excellence

As one of the leading self-clearing brokers on Wall Street, FCM has a dedicated operations group that works with your custodian and transfer agent.

Detailed Analysis and Transparency

Our team provides a disciplined approach by using our proprietary pretrade analysis to craft a customized buyback strategy. We look at historical trading patterns and develop a historical volume profile, volatility trend, active trading strategy, and 10b-18 volume-weighted average price (VWAP) performance expectations.

For more information on Stock Buyback program, contact a Fidelity Representative.



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