Fixed Income Trading

Gain a competitive advantage, improve efficiency, and get direct market-maker access with Fidelity Capital Markets fixed income trading capabilities.

Maximize your fixed income trading with Fidelity Capital Markets

Our Fixed Income Desk is comprised of a team of seasoned traders who specialize in different segments of the fixed income market. This is a principal trading desk, which means that FCM will take market risk and carry positions in order to facilitate your needs. Situated on the trading desk, the Fixed Income Specialists are your direct link to the traders. You will be able to leverage their experience to help you develop personalized strategies, such as bond laddering and diversification.*


  • A wide range of quality fixed income offerings from internal and external sources.
  • You have direct access to traders through our fixed income specialists.
  • An open-architecture approach allows FCM to access comprehensive inventories throughout the fixed income marketplace.
  • Benefit from our abundant supply of inventory sourced from internal and external providers.
  • Underwriting & Distribution

    Municipal Bonds

    • Negotiated
    • Competitive

    Taxable Fixed Income

    • U.S. Treasury Auctions
    • Government Sponsored Agencies
    • Retail Note Programs
    • Fixed-Rate Capital Securities
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Corporate Issues

    Structured Products

    • Structured Investments
    • Convertible Securities
    Additional Capital Markets' Products & Services
  • Secondary Products & Services

    Fixed Income Products

    • Municipal Bonds
    • Government Sponsored Enterprises
    • Retail Note Programs
    • Fixed Rate Capital Securities
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Corporate Bond
    • Mortgage Backed Securities
    • Asset Backed Securities
    • Build America Bonds
    • High Yield Bonds
    • U.S. Treasuries

    Short Term Investments

    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Commercial Paper
    • Discount Notes

    Competitive Pricing Model - Secondary market price transparency.

    Additional Capital Markets' Products & Services
  • Additional Market Coverage
    • Fixed income alerts
    • Portfolio and fixed income analytics
    • Bond market guidance

    Other Markets

    • Precious Metals
    Additional Capital Markets' Products & Services
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