Access hidden liquidity through a single entry point, leverage predictive routing technology, and maintain trading anonymity with DarkSweep, the dark market aggregator from Fidelity Capital Markets. Discover our next-generation liquidity algorithms designed to help you navigate the hidden marketplace with confidence.


  • Connect to numerous leading dark venues, offering you access to a broad and diverse network of nonquoted liquidity
  • Utilize proprietary anti-gaming logic to help protect against predatory trading activity.
  • Access our advanced liquidity mapping capabilities
  • Engage our best-in-class electronic execution team to help meet your trading scenarios and goals

Advanced Liquidity Mapping

Leverage Fidelity's quantitative experience and sophisticated trading technology to tap into the growing liquidity of the dark market. Our proprietary routing algorithms help detect and respond to liquidity in real time, helping you source liquidity and improve the quality of your execution.

DarkSweep®Anti-Gaming Protection

DarkSweep employs advanced anti-gaming technology to help protect you from potentially predatory trading activity.
Our proprietary, fair-value modeling identifies unusual short-term price movements that could otherwise affect the quality of your execution.

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