Securities Finance

You have access to Fidelity's sizeable inventory to cover your short sales with the Fidelity Capital Markets' (FCM) Securities Finance program.


  • Fidelity's diverse distribution channels can create a significant supply of securities for lending and shorting.
  • We use the majority of available securities for your benefit and not for covering Fidelity's proprietary positions.
  • Your hedging strategies and short sales remain confidential.

Short Sales

Fidelity's sizeable order flow through retail and institutional channels means that many securities are available for covering short-selling strategies.

The dedicated Securities Finance Team:

  • Arranges to borrow securities for short-selling strategies and provides market commentary for the securities that you are seeking to short.
  • Provides a high degree of confidentiality, since most securities can be accessed directly from Fidelity's internal supply.
  • Lends U.S. equities, ADRs, and select fixed income products.

Fully Paid Lending

Through Fidelity's1 Fully Paid Lending Program, you can loan to Fidelity certain fully paid or excess-margin securities2 that Fidelity desires to borrow. In return, you gain the opportunity to earn incremental income on your portfolio through the securities lending market.

In a "fully paid" transaction, you lend a specific security (or securities) to Fidelity.3 In return, you receive collateral equal to the market value of the securities on loan. In addition, you receive an interest rate-based fee that is calculated by multiplying the agreed upon interest rate by the market value of the securities on loan. The fee accrues daily and is credited monthly to your Fidelity Account.® The interest rate(s) offered by Fidelity is based on the relative value of the individual securities in the securities-lending market and is subject to change based on market conditions and borrowing demand. The duration of the loan is typically indefinite and the loan may remain open until either you or Fidelity elects to close it. The existence of the loan does not restrict you from selling the securities at any time. However, sale of the securities on loan will be treated as a notification of termination with respect to the shares on loan.

For more information on Securities Finance, contact a Fidelity Representative.



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