Transition Management

Fidelity Capital Markets' (FCM) Transition Management offers you a coordinated, seamless, and comprehensive approach to help minimize your trading risk and cost when moving assets from one investment manager to another.

Watch our video to learn how you can access our abundant and diverse liquidity, our team of professionals, and our tools and technology to help improve the performance of your strategies.


  • You receive consultation and customization for each transition.
  • A post-trade analysis allows you to assess the execution quality of every trade done in the transition process.
  • FCM's traders have execution quality as a primary goal and are constantly monitored for trade quality.

Transition Management can help you by:

  • Setting goals for asset management, such as benchmark selection and trading strategies to minimize market impact.
  • Aligning client needs with transition strategy and operational considerations, offering a fully integrated product.
  • Leveraging transition specific algorithms designed to minimize transition cost and risk through identifying and exploiting natural portfolio interaction that exist when trading baskets of stocks.
  • Offering access to a robust trading platform, including strategies, program trading, and pre- and post-trade analysis.
  • Providing comprehensive cash overlay solutions, including optimized futures and ETF portfolios as well as passively managed index strategies.

Our customized advisory approach helps you transition domestic and international equities, and fixed income securities including planning, execution, and post-trade analysis. We can help you in a variety of ways:

  • A dedicated Implementation Manager leads and coordinates the various components of the transition and is your primary point of contact.
  • FCM offers multi asset class trading capabilities, customized investment strategy, and portfolio modeling & analysis to deliver efficient and cost effective liquidation and reinvestment for your assets.
  • FCM may act as a fiduciary*, which allows us to objectively add value to your transition.
For more information on Transition Management, contact a Fidelity Representative.



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