Structured Equity Strategies

Accredited investors can reduce risks of holding large concentrations of stock with our Structured Equity strategies. We customize transactions with third-party over-the-counter products. Dedicated FCM specialists work with you to provide education, pricing guidance, and set-up, then assist the hedge provider design the transaction.

Through our Structured Equity Strategies program, you gain:

Access to multiple product providers, which ensures competitive pricing and the experience of top-tier broker/dealers.

The ability to enter a transaction with another firm and still maintain a relationship with Fidelity Investments as a custodian of the original (collateralized) position.

We offer several different types of Structured Equity Strategies:

  • Variable Prepaid Forward Contracts
  • Equity Option Collars
  • Synthetic Puts and Calls


  • We shop for competitive rates and design a specialized structure for you so you can select your preferred product provider.
  • We maintain security on Fidelity's platform, removing any perception that the external provider may borrow the stock.
For more information on Structured Equity Strategies, contact a Fidelity Representative.



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