Portfolio Trading

To help you achieve your goals, Fidelity's Portfolio Trading Desk evaluates the entire basket and helps determine the appropriate combination of in-house trading models and trader intervention.

Once FCM's quantitative pre-trade analytics have been completed, traders will execute the portfolio using various techniques to minimize market impact. Our Portfolio Traders invest considerable time and effort to seek the best trading strategy for your objective.


  • Integrated solutions delivering more cost effective trading advantages.
  • Innovative proprietary trading algorithms.
  • Seamless execution reporting and straight-through processing.

Each portfolio trader follows these rules:

Maintain integrity of the portfolio or basket throughout trade:

Balance the sale of liquid and illiquid stocks within the basket by using all sources of liquidity that Fidelity Investments offers rather than shopping the order to other firms or clients.

Maintain control of the trade:

Analytic tools, smart order routing, and algorithmic models are used to determine the appropriate order routing for best execution.

Route orders intelligently:

Execution quality for options is measured by FCM's Execution Quality Reporting (EQ) tool. We monitor option executions and will seek an explanation or price adjustment on your behalf when appropriate.

Provide timely and customized reporting

For more information on Portfolio Trading, contact a Fidelity Representative.



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